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The fortunes of Marc Murphy seem to mirror Carltons.  Murphy has stepped up this year and while still not as famous as Juddy, his contribution is a major reason the Blues are in the top 4.  Murphy's stats are excellent, and more importantly his determination is infectious in the team.  Last year, when it was tough, Judd stood up. This year, the team is being led by Judd and Murphy.

Marc Murphy and the Carlton team are living the dream.  They have a sniiff of success and they like it.  There is a realisation in the team that it is a consistent 4 quarter, every contest, effort that has made the diffference.  

Instead of dropping their collective bundle in tough situations, they work together and refocus.   This is delivering a season to dream of so far.  Carlton deserve to be in the Top 4, and previous years criticisms of 'softness' does not seem to apply.

Murphy once again stepped up this weekend and the only down side might be that he is taking a few votes away from Chris Judd (Juddy).

Most fans are loving their style of play and it is great to see the Blues living up to the potential that many of us believed they had.

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