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King James reflects

No, we are not talking about the basketballer LeBron James, we are talking about King James aka James Hird.  While the Bombers had a bad week at the expense of the Ds , King James (and the coachin...

Cats back to Grand Final?

With the Cats performing so well this year, are they headed back for the Grand Final of 2011. The weekends clash with the Hawks may determine their fate. ...

Marc Murphy - Living the dream

The fortunes of Marc Murphy seem to mirror Carltons.  Murphy has stepped up this year and while still not as famous as Juddy, his contribution is a major reason the Blues are in the top 4.  Murphy'...

Is Harry coming to Melbourne?

The rumours are swirling.  Is Harry coming to Melbourne?  Not the princely Harry, but the magician Harry.  ...


24 Goals in a Game Not Bad PDF Print Email
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Jack Morrison - according the the VFL scoreboard - has kicked 24 goals in a game.  In a game, Wakool vs Hay, Morrison increased his total goals from 10 to 34, kicking an amazing 24 goals.  Hay scored 34 goals  in total to run out winners by 202 points.