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Basketball is facing some tough times in Victoria and Australia.  What was a flourishing league, potentially competing with the Victorian football for the hearts and minds, has dwindled over the last decade.  With a superstar, Larry Sengstock, as the new CEO, we are hoping that basketball will become a force again for sport in Victoria. 

Larry Sengstock can make the difference.  As an elite sportsman in his own right, Larry is one of the most credentialed sports and event management executives in Australia is now the CEO of Basketball Australia.  Larry also has experience with the Commonwealth Games as a senior executive and as one of the original members of the Bid team and then the Organising Committee Larry developed the initial sports and operations elements of the business plan and budget and was instrumental in the selection of existing venues and the design and development of the required new venues. Larry has strong project management experience and general management skills and this will help rejuvinate the basketball in Australia.



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